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Site SEO support, website SEO support

SEO support is one of the most important topics in the field of SEO after website SEO. SEO support includes many parts that we will mention below

What is SEO support?

SEO support refers to the work done by SEO worker, these works include the following

Continuous site optimization

Continuous optimization of the site means updating the site according to Google algorithms to increase actual Google visits.

Review and analyze competitors

You don't live on an island and without competitors, your site will not grow, but you should know that it is better to try to improve your site by carefully analyzing your competitors.

Produce content periodically

It is better to keep your site periodically updated in terms of content. In SEO support, part of this work is done by SEO work, but considering the importance of this work, try to closely monitor quality content.

Continuous review of site security

This work is mostly related to website support, but you should know that it is not bad if you are also an SEO worker, sometimes take a look at the security of the site, because with one mistake, all your efforts will be lost in a few days when the site is down. Now that you are familiar with the chapters on SEO support, you need to know who needs website support.

link building

Link building means communication with the world, with accurate and basic link building your site will be seen more by robots

Who needs SEO support?

It can be said that all sites need continuous SEO support after design, even if they do not want an SEO structure, i.e. the site is only a resume or an online catalog.

A question that many friends have is who to ask for SEO support?

It should be said that for this you must first determine exactly which part of the site you need support for. Sometimes you just need SEO training, but you can get good results by consulting SEO with an SEO expert.

Tips to avoid SEO fraud by the SEO father or SEO lies that are done by many SEO professionals, pay attention to the following tips.

1- SEO is an engineering and time-consuming process. So, SEO support needs a long time, but this does not mean that you need to spend a lot of money for years. It is enough to know what kind of SEO support you need.

2-SEO support should have a regular SEO checklist, so that they can use SEO services for better SEO

3-Don't forget link building in SEO support.

4-You are not on an island. This means you are not the only one who gets SEO support to keep your site SEO! Try to achieve this by choosing the right SEO worker.


There are many factors to consider in SEO support

Instead of focusing on one SEO worker or hiring an SEO worker, try to get help from a team that has different forces with different abilities.

Shop site SEO support

With the changing approach of the world towards digitalization and the increasing growth of store sites and the huge competition of these sites, the need for SEO and more importantly SEO support is seen more than ever.

Store sites are more complex than corporate sites.
Like nested pages, category pages, product pages and...

One of our goals in supporting the store site is targeting for choosing the right page for landing and dividing the incoming traffic.

Another goal of updating products is to clean the site from outdated pages of old products

Adding Oxima to products and trying to index product photos during SEO is another goal of SEO support.

Steps and methods of site support

In the support of the site, it must first be determined what state the keywords are in.

For this purpose, the words you want will be checked with some raw browsers and search tools, and after checking, we will start planning to maintain and improve the position of these words.

Codes optimization

Your site does not differ with any cms or special coding, Google is constantly updating

. So you also need to update. For example, in WordPress SEO, the core and template must be cleaned first.

Increase site speed

One of the most important criteria of Google is speed

Speed ​​is important for Google because negative user feedback about speed causes a drop in visits.

For this reason, if we consider two sites with parallel content, priority is given to the site with faster speed.

improvement of show on mobile

Today, with the widespread increase of mobile phones, an important measure of SEO is mobile-friendliness or responsiveness. This will not only improve your SEO, but also create better interaction with users.

Content optimization

The most important part of any site is its content.

In the SEO support period, the main effort is to improve the content and increase the quality of its writing.

SEO report

We are trying to have a complete presentation of the SEO work process and interaction with the marketing discussion in the 15 and 30 days returns.

This will improve SEO marketing.

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